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Greater Jobs
Greater Jobs

BeWigan celebrates how we do things in Wigan, and focuses us on our future. It helps us to understand the impact we all have, and how we will achieve our priorities as part of the Deal for the Future. It’s all about how we deliver The Deal together.

BeWigan Behaviours

The BeWigan behaviours encourage our staff to work more imaginatively and more creatively; to leave behind traditional ways of thinking and traditional methods; and to be at the forefront of a new way of working that has the potential to impact positively on people’s lives in Wigan.

These behaviours are:

Be Positive - all about taking pride in what you do, where you work and the service you offer to our customers. It’s also about celebrating our achievements and recognising a job well done 

Be Accountable - all about how we deliver our services, how we can work with partners and colleagues in a smarter way and the ways in which we can commit to making improvements 

Be Courageous - all about being open to doing things differently and being prepared to have a different conversation.  


BeWigan Experience

Upon induction to the workplace all staff are given the opportunity to go through an experience known as BeWigan. Here they are shown all about the priorities of the council and the behaviours.

The BeWigan experience is our innovative walk through session that reflects on our journey so far, and helps staff to learn more about the Deal for the Future, where we are going and how they can get involved. 

Over 90%
of staff visited
rated excellent or good

BeWigan Manager

The BeWigan Manager Experience is the next exciting stage of the BeWigan journey. It provides a unique opportunity for our managers and supervisors to take time out to:

  • Explore what it really means to lead and manage others
  • Learn new tools and techniques that will help improve team performance and how staff feel about their work, and
  • Focus on our own personal development.

We recognise that there are some additional behaviours which we require all managers to display as part of their role being a leader in the council. These behaviours are:

Inspire – I lead by example and help others to see the bigger picture 

Care – I show genuine concern for people as individuals and value their contribution

Engage - I connect with others both within and beyond the organisation.

If you are courageous, positive and accountable Wigan may be the perfect place for your next career move.

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