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Greater Jobs
Greater Jobs

Would you want to make a difference to someone’s life? Support them to independence? Help them learn new skills and empower them?

If you feel you have the ability to support someone when they have had a spell in hospital or if they have been unwell and lost their independence, you may be the right person to help and support people to achieve their goals.

The team encourage, build confidence and are great at communicating with people on a daily basis, helping to rebuild skills that people may have lost due to injury or illness. We support people to become independent with getting dressed, personal care, meal preparation, taking medication, mobility and accessing the community.

Our Reablement team also contribute to the assessment process after attending a four day course, achieving the Trusted Assessor Award. This helps them to identify and recommend small aids and adaptions that contribute to the independence of the people they are supporting.

A day in the life of a Reablement support worker

My name is Angela and prior to joining the Reablement team at Wigan I worked for 5 years as Senior Carer in a residential care home for dementia patients. The job role was very demanding and stressful at times but worthwhile knowing that you are able to support people, unfortunately with the diagnosis of the patients most times there was no improvement with their health. Ten months ago I decided I would like a new challenge and applied for the role of a Reablement Support Worker.

The role is more relaxed than my previous one as we don’t have to work to timescales, which gives me flexibility in my approach to supporting service users improve their independence. This also allows me to look from a social aspect in being able to implement 'The Deal'.

I have gained knowledge of all the different pieces of equipment available for service users. It gives me a great amount of job satisfaction when a service user is able to use this equipment to improve their lives.

an impact
a difference

Everyday is different, so meeting new people all the time gives the job a fresh feel. Rather than feeling “stuck in a rut“, I feel more like I am making friends than doing a job. I have gained more confidence in myself, for example I am now a more confident driver because I have to travel from house to house to complete my rotas. Before this job I would leave most of the driving to my husband, now I am able to travel wherever I like, giving me more freedom in my home life as well as my work life. I feel constantly supported by other team members as there is always someone on the other end of the phone.