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Greater Jobs
Greater Jobs

There are over 500 digital businesses in the Wigan Borough and the number is growing all the time. But how do you get a job in the tech sector? Wigan Council met one young professional establishing a successful digital career right here in the Wigan borough.

1.64 million
tech jobs in the UK
Over 500
digital businesses in Wigan

Attain Digital is just one of more than 500 business at the forefront of the digital economy in the Wigan Borough. The web design company is part of a huge growth in digital employment with 1.64 million tech jobs now existing in the UK. The number of digital jobs is twice the rate of non-digital jobs. Furthermore, these jobs are often highly skilled and well paid.

One of Attain's skilled team is Joey Thomas, who is a front end web developer. Aged just 25, Joey made an interest sparked as a teenager into an exciting career. He attended college to study IT, psychology and sociology but it was in his own time that he developed an interest in web design.

Joey followed his passion and studied multimedia and web computing at Manchester Metropolitan University. There he gained an understanding of web development, mobile app development, graphic design and animation. Within months of graduating Joey had successfully gained a job as a front end developer in his hometown of Wigan.


Joey Thomas

"At university it all began to fit together as a whole. I learned how web development used design and animation to make something creative while keeping the logic side of it as well."

Joey is a huge advocate of being part of the digital industry. He said: "It's a growth industry everywhere - in Wigan, the North West and nationally. It's a massive industry that is always changing and moving forward. I think it's fantastic!"

Joey's top five tips for getting a career in digital

1. Be open to new ideas and paths, the world of the web is vast, but exploring different areas can help you realise how influential they can be to each other.

2. Work together with your colleagues, there is no competition. Teamwork always wins.

3. If you don't know something, admit it. We are all learning, all the time. Ask for help, if necessary, but also try to find solutions on your own, if possible.

4. Always be learning, always try to make your latest work your best work. You can look at something you did six months ago and be able to learn from the mistakes you made.

5. Most importantly, enjoy what you do! Having fulfilment in your career shows in the work you produce and helps shape the person you want to be.