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Greater Jobs
Greater Jobs

This is a time of great uncertainty, and undoubtedly, there will be tough times ahead. Now more than ever we need to look after the most vulnerable members of our communities.  

Across Greater Manchester, we are making the call for you to join us in our health and care teams as the UK battles through its worse health crisis of a generation.  

Do you have hands-on experience in the health and care sector?

Do you have experience of providing care for a friend or loved one?

Do you have little or no experience in this sector, but are a kind and compassionate person with the ability to engage with and listen to people, ensuring the best possible outcomes for them?

If you possess fantastic communication skills and are seeking alternative employment in the current climate YOU can apply to join us in key worker roles at this crucial time.

The recruitment process will be FAST-TRACKED to get you in position and working AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Interviews will be conducted via TELEPHONE or SKYPE/FACETIME.

Click below on local authority links to be taken to all advertisements within each of our Greater Manchester localities.

Greater Manchester: we are greater together. Working together, supporting our communities and looking after the most vulnerable members of our society. Together, we can get through this.