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Greater Jobs
Greater Jobs

Could you support your local community by caring for the most vulnerable?

Adult social care organisations across the whole North West urgently need people for immediate recruitment to help provide essential care to those that need it most.

We are looking for people who can provide direct care to people in a care home or their own home. You don’t need any previous experience but we are looking for kind, caring and compassionate people who possess good communication skills.

You could be recruited into any number of roles but primarily we are looking for people to work as Care Assistants. Care Assistants mainly support older people or people with a disability to complete everyday tasks that they struggle to do on their own. For example, you could be helping to prepare meals; supporting people to wash, take a bath, or use the toilet; helping people to get dressed or take their medication. You could also be organising individual and group activities for people and supporting people to take exercise.

Working in adult social care can be challenging but is one of the most rewarding jobs around.

Working in adult social care you may be working with people who have Covid-19 or who are recovering from it. As a care assistant you will:

  • Receive the Covid-19 vaccine.
  • Be tested for Covid-19 regularly.
  • Be provided with sufficient Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to do your job safely.

You may have worked in a different sector but have skills that you can transfer to a caring role. You may already care for one of your family and feel you could use your experience to benefit others. You may simply want to do your bit to support your local community through the pandemic.

Whatever your reason for applying, you are now one of our #CareHeroes. Thank you!

Your details will be sent to the local authority and then shared with independent providers of adult social care who require staff in your area. In most cases you will be employed by an independent adult social care provider. Interviews will be conducted via telephone or online using an application such as Zoom or Facetime. A DBS check will be carried out and training will be provided.

Click on the link below for the area you want to work to be taken to the short application form/external website.

If you live in an area that is not listed on this page and are seeking a role in care, you may find this website helpful: