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Greater Jobs

Trafford is a vibrant, prosperous, economically strong borough that sits in the south of the Greater Manchester conurbation. From its leafy suburbs to its more urban areas, the Borough takes pride in its strong, diverse communities, its cultural and sporting heritage and its position as the region’s economic powerhouse.

Over 11,000
businesses based in Trafford
highest GM recycling rate
Trafford Town Hall
Trafford Council Logo

Key facts about Trafford

  • Trafford leads the way in innovative/groundbreaking initiatives all aimed at supporting change, positioning the Council and ensuring it is able to continue providing key services to those most vulnerable
  • Through the One Trafford Partnership Trafford Council is leading the way, securing significant savings while maintaining key services for local people
  • Trafford is a key player within the ongoing Greater Manchester Devolution agenda
  • Trafford is acknowledged as Greater Manchester’s economic powerhouse
  • Trafford has been ranked as the North West area best equipped to handle economic changes
  • Trafford is celebrated as the enterprise capital of the North West
  • Trafford schools prove year on year they are among the best, securing some of the country’s best examination results
  • Trafford has an enviable sporting heritage and is home to internationally recognised grounds such as Emirates Old Trafford and Old Trafford football stadium, as well as the base for a wide range of grass roots sports played across the borough
  • Culturally Trafford has a lot to offer visitors and residents alike. You will find iconic buildings such as the Imperial War Museum North, as well as Waterside Arts Centre and the national treasure that is Coronation Street, all within Trafford
  • Trafford has been voted Greater Manchester’s joint happiest borough
  • Trafford has the country’s joint highest performing safeguarding services
  • Ofsted rated Trafford’s Children Leaving Care service the country’s only ‘Outstanding’ service
  • Trafford has the highest productivity rate per head in Greater Manchester
  • Trafford has Greater Manchester’ highest employment rate
Only 3.5%
16-18 year olds not in education, employment or training
Over 95%
pupils in ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ schools

Partnership working

Trafford Council has a strong ethos and commitment to partnership and collaborative working.

The Trafford Partnership

The Trafford Partnership is Trafford’s Local Strategic Partnership, a single body bringing together organisations from across the public, private, voluntary, faith and community sectors and local residents.

Members of the Trafford Partnership work together to achieve a common vision to ensure Trafford is a place where our residents achieve their aspirations, and our communities are thriving.

Trafford Partnership Logo

Locality working

Locality working is an exciting approach to partnership working. It brings together everyone who plays an active part in our local community, including the Council, residents, communities, businesses and community groups as well as a wide range of other public, private and third sector organisations. As equal partners, they work together, recognising that far more can be achieved together than could ever be achieved alone.

By listening to local people and organisations, the Council is able to not only deliver its services and priorities smarter and more effectively, use resources effectively, increase active citizenship, develop innovative solutions with the community to tackle issues and overcome challenges, but, importantly it empowers others to take action.

Over recent months, locality working has seen the launch of ‘Be Bold, Be the Difference’ which encourages more residents and businesses to get involved in their local community.

Making a difference to the lives of family, friends and neighbours is a lot easier than people may at first think. Often it is the small things like being more neighbourly, volunteering within the local community or joining a local group, that really make a difference.

Information about how to get more involved in Trafford’s locality working, or how to spread the ‘Be Bold’ message is available at

With a thriving network of volunteers involved in ‘Friends of Parks ‘groups, the sale of Stretford Town Hall to a local community group who are now building up its use as a venue for groups, businesses and others to come together, an ever increasing number of environmental volunteers helping the Council keep local areas clean and attractive, together with a whole host of others working hard in their neighbourhoods, the future looks bright.

One Trafford Partnership

Launched in 2015, the ‘One Trafford Partnership’ saw Amey taking over management of key environmental and other services on behalf of the Council. This innovative, ground-breaking step is just one way the Council is demonstrating its commitment to working smarter, more effectively and efficiently to ensure it can maintain local services.

On day one the partnership achieved 20 per cent savings (£3m per annum), with an additional £400k savings scheduled for 2016/2017.

One Trafford logo
Trafford Centre

Economic Growth in Trafford

Trafford’s importance as Greater Manchester’s economic powerhouse cannot be overemphasised. The Council’s commitment to collaborative working with private sector partners and local businesses to maintain a strong economy, a skilled, highly motivated and committed workforce continues to see huge benefits.

The Trafford Pledge

The Council is proud that Trafford has Greater Manchester’s highest employment rate. To reinforce its priority of supporting people into work or training, it launched the Trafford Pledge in April 2013.

The Pledge is a partnership between Trafford Council, Trafford College and Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). It aims to bring together businesses committed to providing employment, training or other support to young people looking to secure employment. The strength of this partnership is clear; during this time 52 businesses have signed the pledge and 282 Trafford residents have secured employment.

Major developments

These are exciting times for Trafford, with the recent announcement that the multi-million pound extension of Greater Manchester’s Metrolink tram network to Trafford Park and the Trafford Centre is to go-ahead. It is anticipated that the line will be operational around 2020/2021.

The £1bn Trafford Waters scheme will, when complete see 3,000 new homes, a diverse business community, new school, leisure opportunities, attractive green spaces, all within a sustainable urban neighbourhood. Situated on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal, this exciting development symbolises the strength of Trafford’s economy and the confidence developers have in investing in the Borough.

Thanks to our unique partnership with major development company Himor, we are able to ensure the development of the regional strategic site at Carrington. This provides an exceptional boost to what is the Borough’s most deprived area. ‘Future Carrington’ will provide 5,500 new homes, create around 9,000 construction jobs and an expected further 10,000 jobs once the site is developed.

This model is one we will replicate across other identified sites, ensuring the future economic and housing growth and prosperity the Borough needs.

Town centres

Trafford’s town centres provide an excellent mix of high street, independent and niche shopping opportunities, modern and traditional markets, leisure and cultural experiences, all in attractive surroundings. Ensuring the vibrancy of our town centres continues and they are able to compete in an ever more competitive environment, is a key focus of the Council.

A public and private sector partnership in Trafford’s principal town centre, Altrincham, has driven major investment and enabled strong partnerships with landlords and community members to be built. As one of Greater Manchester’s top tourist attractions, Altrincham’s market is thriving.

The Altrincham Business Improvement District (BID), managed through a private sector board, is tasked with managing a £1.4m budget and delivering a wide range of activities as set out in the BID Business Plan. This means the new BID can push forward with the development and improvement of the town centre to the benefit of all businesses and residents. 

But it’s not just Altrincham town centre that the council is focussed on. Across the Borough, town centre teams are helping focus on improvements and partnership working. This is already seeing town centres offering visitors and residents greater retail and leisure business variety. With more to interest and excite them, Trafford’s town centres are becoming areas where people choose to spend more time. This is all excellent news for our local economy and ensures Trafford is on the front foot when it comes to its future prosperity and establishing itself as the visitors place of choice.

Recreation and culture

Trafford’s international sporting and cultural heritage is second to none. Home to the world famous Old Trafford football stadium and Lancashire County Cricket Club’s Emirates Old Trafford ground, sport has and continues to be a key focus for the borough.

Trafford Athletics Club, based at Longford Park in the north of the Borough, has been the breeding ground for several athletes who want on to represent the region and country.

But Trafford is about far more than just world class clubs, many thousands of people of all ages actively participate in grass roots sports and leisure activities right here in Trafford.

Old Trafford
Green space

With many outstanding parks, recreation and green spaces, popular leisure centres, golf courses, an indoor ‘real snow’ ski slope for those who prefer winter activities.

Waterside Arts Centre is acknowledged as a key centre for arts and culture. People travel from near and far to enjoy the wide range of events, productions and exhibitions its programme offers.

Trafford is home to the iconic Imperial War Museum North building which continues to be a key visitor attraction enjoyed by many thousands each year.

For people keen on their local serial dramas, the sight of the Coronation Street set sitting alongside the IWMN building proves a slightly different kind of cultural experience, but nevertheless one which Trafford is proud to have.

Trafford Council Awards 2016

  • IESE Awards 2016 – Gold Award ‘Police Project of the Year’
    Awarded for the Greater Manchester Police and Safer Trafford Partnership’s Mental Health Practitioner Project
  • IESE Awards 2016 – Bronze Award ‘Transformation in Waste and Environment’
  • National Go Awards 2016 – ‘Procurement Leadership of the Year Award
    Awarded for STaR Procurement Service
  • Health Foundation England Awards 2016 – ‘Learning Together Project’ award
    For the i-Care project
  • NHS Health Education North West 2016
    For the i-Care project

The Council is supportive of the Armed Forces Community and welcomes applications from ex-service people. We are supportive of employees who are also members of the Reserve Forces and are proud to have the Silver Award in the Defence ‘Employer Recognition Scheme’.