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Greater Jobs
Greater Jobs

The Deal is an informal agreement between Wigan Council and everyone who lives or works within the town to work together to create a better borough.

The Deal for the Future

We have a vision for the Wigan Borough to be a confident place with confident people. We have made great progress for our council by continuing to improve outcomes for our residents while saving more than £100m since 2010.

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The Deal is about all services in the council and all residents of the borough. It is about beliefs and a culture change and way of working that reflects everything that we do.

In order to deliver changed relationships we have to change the way we work. This means not only changing our systems, services and processes but also our workforce behaviours, values and ethos. The BeWigan Behaviours ensure our workforce take pride in what they do and are open to doing things differently.


The Staff Deal

Staff at Wigan Council are given the chance to sign up to the ‘Staff Deal’. The Staff Deal is an informal agreement with all our staff that outlines what employees can expect from us, and in return what we expect from them. To find out about the series of pledges our staff commit to, check out our Working for Wigan Council blog.

The Deal for your Street

The Deal for Your Street describes how we empower communities to take responsibility for their own environment. Through the Deal for Your Street, we will work together with our residents and communities to inspire pride, and deliver a safe, green borough. Residents, Staff, Businesses and Schools will be engaged wherever possible; we will seek to provide opportunities for our partners to be more involved in delivering their part of The Deal improving their local environment and encouraging them to be more self-reliant.

The Deal for Children and Young People

The Deal for Children and Young People recognises the key role local public services play in enabling children and young people to make the most of their strengths in order to remain healthy and resilient.

A key part of the Deal is to work in partnership with public services to promote and develop assets which will provide the opportunities required to enable all of our children and young people to be healthy, stay safe, to enjoy and achieve.

The Deal for Adult Social Care and Health

The Deal for Adult Social Care and Health is our approach to adult social care and is a radical change in how we work.

This is a brand new approach to assessments which views everyone as unique individuals who have strengths, assets, gifts and talents. Through the work of the Deal for Adult Social Care and Health, we will support people to live the best life they can, rather than fitting them into an inflexible range of traditional and expensive services.

The Deal for Adult Social Care and Health focuses on an asset based approach which considers what a person can do and enjoys doing, rather than what they can’t do.