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Bury Council


This is a time of great uncertainty, and undoubtedly, there will be tough times ahead. Now more than ever we need to look after the most vulnerable members of our communities.   

Here at Bury Council we are making the call for you to join us as the UK battles through its worse health crisis of a generation.

Working in partnership with our Local Council and Bury Clinical Commissioning Group we are looking for people to fill a variety of roles, including the list below but this is not an exhaustive list. Please if you have hours to spare, week days, weekends or evenings and want to earn some extra money, complete the application form and submit it. If the occupation you have transferable skills for is not listed click the post nearest to what you believe your skills are adaptable to and we can discuss this.

Some post but not all will need DBS checks if you already have this it would be a great help please indicate this on your application if you do have.

·        care and support worker

·        cleaning

·        administration

·        occupational therapy

·        cooks

We are looking for friendly, caring, compassionate and dependable people to help us through this. That’s where you come in.

You may have never considered a role in the public sector previously, but with many businesses temporarily closing, you will have transferable skills that we need.

Interviews will be held via telephone or video call, with recruiters looking to match your skills to the roles available.

Please see the following blog for further information;



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