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Greater Jobs

Foster Carers

Social Care


Stockport Council

General fostering

GBP 250 - GBP 475 per week ( Depending on the age of the children)

We are actively recruiting foster carers who can care for children aged between 0 - 18 years old who are in short term and long term fostering placements. We are looking for local foster carers who can look after a diverse range of children and young people, particularly for older children and teenagers, people who can demonstrate they have the time, availability, space, a spare room and empathy to offer a child or young person.  We need carers who can show commitment, understanding and compassion to children during difficult times

We provide our foster carers with an excellent training, support and financial package, and will help guide them through the assessment process and work with them as a team to ensure the needs of the foster carer and the child are met.

Our foster carers are able to demonstrate they have the time, availability, space and empathy to offer a child. Carers must be willing to work with a wide age range of children in order to meet the needs of the service.  General foster carers need to have the time and availability to offer a child and a spare room. 

We welcome applications from anyone who is able to care for sibling groups of 3 or more children.  Wherever possible we aim to place siblings together in order to maintain the bond and promote attachment that siblings have to one another.  

To apply for this vacancy please go to our website email phone 0161 474 3400



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