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Greater Jobs
Greater Jobs

Within Greater Manchester, local authorities have made a commitment to improve the employment opportunities for people with disabilities, care leavers, carers, and ex-military personnel.

There is a specific section on our application forms where you can indicate if you meet any of the criteria under the guaranteed assessment scheme and if you do, you will be shortlisted for assessment if you meet the essential job role criteria.

- Do you consider yourself to be disabled?

- Do you consider yourself to be a carer as defined under the Greater Manchester Carers Charter?

- Are you aged 24 or under, and have previously been or currently are in care?

- Was the Armed Forces your last long term substantive employer?

Whether you are applying under the scheme or not, if you are disabled we will ask you to let us know if you need any adjustments during the recruitment process to ensure it is inclusive and works for you.

We are committed to making reasonable adjustments throughout the recruitment process and if you are successful, we’ll make adjustments to your working environment.